The change is here

In two years, after the elections in Germany, there will be a new flag waving above Europe.
The blue coloured countries show where right wing parties won, or strongly increased their votes, in the recent elections.


Don’t be fooled to assume that the uncoloured countries won’t turn right in the future. They will. You only have to wait for the next elections.

Soon, Europe, from Portugal to Sweden, will be painted blue.


First class comedy

This is ridiculous. The self mocking of the German media makes it difficult for me think of new jokes about them.
It’s like a dying man’s attempt to flee from the light he is moving closer to.
Deep down in their corrupted and wicked minds their are afraid, like little schoolgirls on their first day to school, and they do everything to avoid the unavoidable.
Yet, they’re blissfully unaware and naive.
It’s happening. Now. Everywhere.

Meanwhile Germany is politically isolating itself.
Miss traitor Merkel has no friends anymore.
East Europe has distanced itself from her months ago and soon west Europe will follow.
The only one she is left with is her pack of drowning monkeys.
Obama, Sarkozy and Merkel will go down in history as traitors.

But Merkel isn’t Germany and Sarkozy isn’t France.
As soon as the corrupt elite is kicked down of their throne of lies and stupidity the face of the modern world will change.
Europe’s next big war will be against Islam. The common enemy will unite Germany and France, Czech and Austria, and Hungary and Sweden.
The people will fight for the freedom like their grandfathers did.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

France turns right

And so does the rest of Europe. The projections of the recent regional election in France show the direction of the European development.

Voters are choosing leadership councils for the regions, and had the choice of several parties in the first round. Polling agencies Ifop, OpinionWay and Ipsos projected that the National Front won between 27 and 30 percent support nationwide.
Sarkozy’s conservative Republicans party and its allies were projected to come in second place in the national vote at around 27 percent. The Socialists, who currently run nearly all of the country’s regions, were projected to come in a weak third place, with between 22 and 24 percent, followed by a smattering of mainly leftist groupings.

The National Front party will gain serious influence this year.
They will gain even more next year and eventually rule France.
Each and every terrorist attack or rape committed will speed it up.
If you follow the politics in Germany you will observer a similar pattern. We in Germany have the AfD (Alternative for Germany).
It took the NSDAP 5 years to increase their votes from 2.6% to 43.9%. The nationalist parties of the 21. cenutry won’t need so much time.
This time they will be faster and more brutal.
With each day the resistance will grow unless the European governments immediately change their political course, throw out all immigrants and prevent native citizen from becoming a minority in their own country.
Of course this won’t happen. Merkel and Co. think an Orwellian state is the solution. More terrorist attacks = more surveillance = safety. They say the demographic changes are inevitable.
In Germany, there will be drones with cameras Christmas markets soon.
And again, our leaders made the wrong decisions. Multiculturalism has never worked and probably never will. That’s history.
No amount of cameras and phone tapping will change this.
There is only one way to create a sustainable, peaceful and safe environment in the west.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

If a government doesn’t protect the native people, violence will be unavoidable. It will start with physical attacks on Muslims, burning houses and natives who refuse to interact with Muslims.  This is already happening.
There will be gangs roaming the streets destroying Muslim shops and painting their windows “Don’t buy here! Muslim owned!”. This will be the end of the resistance and the start of the ethnic cleansing.
We all know the stories. I never wanted this to happen.
Yet, based on history and current events, I find it hard to imagine a different future for the next decade. And when it is happening, don’t blame those who do it.
Blame the baby boomers, the cuckservatives, the feminists and the multiculturalists.
The blood will be on their hands.

Set a goal – work for it

Four days ago I made myself a promise. I promised myself to drastically reduce the time I waste entertaining myself.
So far I’ve succeeded. I didn’t watch TV, played games or spent unnecessary time on the internet.
It sounds like a minor personal success but as it turns out, it’s harder than I had imagined.

There are two things I noticed within the last days.

(1) My body suffers from endorphin withdrawal. In the evening, after a day without entertainment, I feel like there is something missing.
Something I have to do before I go to sleep. Instead to face the withdrawal symptoms people tend to compensate their addiction with different actions.
In my case I masturbate more than before. Problem recognized. Problem solved. Limit masturbation to one time every other day.
Since I have a high sex drive, this one will be quite hard.

(2) I have too much free time. I never thought this will become a challenge.
My fulltime job consumes most of my time yet, I struggle to give purpose to my spare hours.
I definitely spend more time reading books, writing, working out and preparing for work.
Nevertheless I feel there is something missing in my daily routine.

Point one and two are tightly connected and I have to find a way to either satisfy my bodies need for endorphins with a useful and productive daily routine or deal with a reduced amount of it.
I assume the best a approach is a connection of both.

Mindless bee

After spending my weekend playing Fallout 4, I became aware of a serious personal problem. I am addicted to entertainment. I waste countless hours daily. Valuable time I could use to pursue my hobbies, spend with my family and friends or in the gym. It decreases my concentration and disturbs my ability to think clearly. After my hardcore gaming weekend I felt weak and psychically unbalanced.

I am at a point where I don’t get pleasure from it anymore. It’s mind numbing. If I had a look at myself while watching TV it would scare me to see my empty eyes. My mind sucked into the void of mass media entertainment. It makes me a mindless working bee.

I need to address this problem immediately. Today I will start to change myself. I won’t be a entertainment zombie anymore. I broke down my addiction in three pieces:

  • TV
  • browsing online
  • games

I will disconnect my TV and sell it.
I will limit my time online to a minimum.
I will delete all games from my mobile devices and sell my computer games.

Buttsex and the USA

It’s time to call the people for they really are.
Obama’s greatest achievement was the legalization of homosexual marriage. He is the first president to advocate men, having sex with each other.
President of the USA Mr. Barrack Hussein Buttsex Obama. Thanks to Mr. Buttsex little children are confronted with half naked men parading through the streets. One might question whether those men are good role models, whether those men teach children an understanding of healthy femininity and masculinity.

Unless dramatic changes occur we will see this in the future:

Laws that favor gays over heterosexuals
Transgenderism and pedophilia
Homosexual tolerance violently spread worldwide
Decrease in native birth rates
Fewer heterosexual marriages

Mr. Buttsex is blissfully ignorant of consequences. On top of that  SJW will not stop pushing new agendas. They never do. Next thing is transgenderism. Soon there will be transgender toilets, transgender fitness studios, transgender bars and transgender nights in the local cinema.

1 Reason to STOP legal immigration.

Germany’s official numbers on refugees and illegal immigration.
It’s shocking.

SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel hat auf einer Pressekonferenz zu Flüchtlingskrise mitgeteilt, dass derzeit 40 bis 50 Prozent der Flüchtlinge in Deutschland überhaupt nicht registriert würden.

The Head of the SPD claims that 40-50% of all refugees are not registered.
1.000.000 refugees are in Germany. Think about this. 500.000 illegal immigrants. Some sources claim the total number of refugees will increase to two million by the end of 2015.
Illegal immigrant isn’t the right term anymore. Invador is more accurate.
1 invador per 162 german citizens. It took less to capture Troja.

A nation can integrate only a small percentage of foreigners.  In Germany it’s 20%.
With every new invador, #Pegida will gain new followers.