Another traitor confessed

Kai Gniffke,  the chief editor of the ARD, one of the major public TV channels, confessed his lies and propaganda.

Die „Tagesschau“ und die „Tagesthemen“ zeige nicht immer ein richtiges Bild der confessed nach Deutschland drängenden Flüchtlingen. Das hat „ARDaktuell”-Chefredakteur Kai Gniffke jetzt eingeräumt.

Vor Branchenexperten in Hamburg sagte Gniffke: „Wenn Kameraleute Flüchtlinge filmen, suchen sie sich Familien mit kleinen Kindern und großen Kulleraugen aus.“ Tatsache sei aber, dass „80 Prozent der Flüchtlinge junge, kräftig gebaute alleinstehende Männer sind“.

Quick translate: The chief editor of the ARD confessed that the “Tagesschau” and “Tagesthemen”  (news channel) do not show the actual picture of the refugees heading to Germany. Instead they exclusively focus on single women and families with small children. Yet 80% of the refugees are young, healthy and single males.

Right now I’m working in a “refugee” camp. From my point of view there is roughly one single women per 1000 single male and one family per 20 men.
Not even the soviet propaganda could have surpressed such obvious facts. It’s not surprising that their lies are being exposed. The confession of Mr. Kai Goebbels Gniffke doesn’t make him less guilty. The news channels lost the last bit of credibility they had left. Since most people don’t watch news for information but for emotions they will continue listening to their lies.


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