Muslims hate Christians

Turkey hates the EU.

Turkey’s conservative ruling party won an unexpected victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, dashing opposition hopes and cementing the rule of president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.With the vast majority of the vote counted on Sunday night, Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper projected the Justice and Development Party (known by the Turkish acronym AKP) to win more than 49 percent of the popular vote, more than enough for a significant majority of seats in the country’s 550-seat parliament.

They could have elected a pro-EU party but they didn’t.

Erdogan has distanced himself more than once from the EU, western values and Christianity.
He oppresses christians in his country yet demands religious freedom and respect for muslims elsewhere.

Currently, he blackmails Mrs. Angela Traitor Merkel, threatening to release 2.5 million ‘refugees’ unless he is paid 3 billion euros.

I expect the EU to comply with Erdogan. That’s the problem with female leaders. They lack strength and courage.
Meanwhile Putin is laughing his ass off. Russia could handle the situation within weeks.
Buying bus tickets back to Syria and Afghanistan seems more viable than the current EU plan.


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