Set a goal – work for it

Four days ago I made myself a promise. I promised myself to drastically reduce the time I waste entertaining myself.
So far I’ve succeeded. I didn’t watch TV, played games or spent unnecessary time on the internet.
It sounds like a minor personal success but as it turns out, it’s harder than I had imagined.

There are two things I noticed within the last days.

(1) My body suffers from endorphin withdrawal. In the evening, after a day without entertainment, I feel like there is something missing.
Something I have to do before I go to sleep. Instead to face the withdrawal symptoms people tend to compensate their addiction with different actions.
In my case I masturbate more than before. Problem recognized. Problem solved. Limit masturbation to one time every other day.
Since I have a high sex drive, this one will be quite hard.

(2) I have too much free time. I never thought this will become a challenge.
My fulltime job consumes most of my time yet, I struggle to give purpose to my spare hours.
I definitely spend more time reading books, writing, working out and preparing for work.
Nevertheless I feel there is something missing in my daily routine.

Point one and two are tightly connected and I have to find a way to either satisfy my bodies need for endorphins with a useful and productive daily routine or deal with a reduced amount of it.
I assume the best a approach is a connection of both.


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