Buttsex and the USA

It’s time to call the people for they really are.
Obama’s greatest achievement was the legalization of homosexual marriage. He is the first president to advocate men, having sex with each other.
President of the USA Mr. Barrack Hussein Buttsex Obama. Thanks to Mr. Buttsex little children are confronted with half naked men parading through the streets. One might question whether those men are good role models, whether those men teach children an understanding of healthy femininity and masculinity.

Unless dramatic changes occur we will see this in the future:

Laws that favor gays over heterosexuals
Transgenderism and pedophilia
Homosexual tolerance violently spread worldwide
Decrease in native birth rates
Fewer heterosexual marriages

Mr. Buttsex is blissfully ignorant of consequences. On top of that  SJW will not stop pushing new agendas. They never do. Next thing is transgenderism. Soon there will be transgender toilets, transgender fitness studios, transgender bars and transgender nights in the local cinema.