Set a goal – work for it

Four days ago I made myself a promise. I promised myself to drastically reduce the time I waste entertaining myself.
So far I’ve succeeded. I didn’t watch TV, played games or spent unnecessary time on the internet.
It sounds like a minor personal success but as it turns out, it’s harder than I had imagined.

There are two things I noticed within the last days.

(1) My body suffers from endorphin withdrawal. In the evening, after a day without entertainment, I feel like there is something missing.
Something I have to do before I go to sleep. Instead to face the withdrawal symptoms people tend to compensate their addiction with different actions.
In my case I masturbate more than before. Problem recognized. Problem solved. Limit masturbation to one time every other day.
Since I have a high sex drive, this one will be quite hard.

(2) I have too much free time. I never thought this will become a challenge.
My fulltime job consumes most of my time yet, I struggle to give purpose to my spare hours.
I definitely spend more time reading books, writing, working out and preparing for work.
Nevertheless I feel there is something missing in my daily routine.

Point one and two are tightly connected and I have to find a way to either satisfy my bodies need for endorphins with a useful and productive daily routine or deal with a reduced amount of it.
I assume the best a approach is a connection of both.


Mindless bee

After spending my weekend playing Fallout 4, I became aware of a serious personal problem. I am addicted to entertainment. I waste countless hours daily. Valuable time I could use to pursue my hobbies, spend with my family and friends or in the gym. It decreases my concentration and disturbs my ability to think clearly. After my hardcore gaming weekend I felt weak and psychically unbalanced.

I am at a point where I don’t get pleasure from it anymore. It’s mind numbing. If I had a look at myself while watching TV it would scare me to see my empty eyes. My mind sucked into the void of mass media entertainment. It makes me a mindless working bee.

I need to address this problem immediately. Today I will start to change myself. I won’t be a entertainment zombie anymore. I broke down my addiction in three pieces:

  • TV
  • browsing online
  • games

I will disconnect my TV and sell it.
I will limit my time online to a minimum.
I will delete all games from my mobile devices and sell my computer games.