Muslims hate Christians

Turkey hates the EU.

Turkey’s conservative ruling party won an unexpected victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, dashing opposition hopes and cementing the rule of president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.With the vast majority of the vote counted on Sunday night, Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper projected the Justice and Development Party (known by the Turkish acronym AKP) to win more than 49 percent of the popular vote, more than enough for a significant majority of seats in the country’s 550-seat parliament.

They could have elected a pro-EU party but they didn’t.

Erdogan has distanced himself more than once from the EU, western values and Christianity.
He oppresses christians in his country yet demands religious freedom and respect for muslims elsewhere.

Currently, he blackmails Mrs. Angela Traitor Merkel, threatening to release 2.5 million ‘refugees’ unless he is paid 3 billion euros.

I expect the EU to comply with Erdogan. That’s the problem with female leaders. They lack strength and courage.
Meanwhile Putin is laughing his ass off. Russia could handle the situation within weeks.
Buying bus tickets back to Syria and Afghanistan seems more viable than the current EU plan.


Book Review #1

The Last Witchking by Vox Day
It’s the third of Vox Day’s books I’ve read. After being impressed by A Magic broken, My expectations were high.

The Last Witchking consists of three stories. While they play in the same fictional world, there is no relation between them .
The three stories are well wirtten and I’ve found myself pulled into them many times. The plots are both gripping and exciting.
With reference to the authors notes there are some deep meanings behind them that gave me a lot to think about.
If I had to single out one particular thing that sets this book apart from others, it would be its original characters.

Even if you are not a fan of magic, orcs and dragons, give this book a try.

To arms – Austria

Austria is preparing itself for the future war.

Mehr als 900.000 Waffen lagern in österreichischen Haushalten. Für ein Land mit nur etwa 8,5 Millionen Einwohnern ist das eine beachtliche Menge.

„Derzeit sind praktisch alle Schrotflinten ausverkauft, weil man für sie keinen Waffenschein braucht“, sagte Thomas Ortner, Sprecher der Waffenhändler in Oberösterreich „oe24“.

In diesem Jahr sollen bereits 70.000 Schusswaffen mehr als im Vorjahreszeitraum verkauft worden sein, berichtet das Nachrichtenportal „oe24“.


u seinen neuen Waffenkunden würden besonders viele Frauen gehören.

Quick translate: In Austria, there are 900.000 weapons in private hands, an impressive number for a country with only 8.500.000 inhabitants. All shotguns are sold out right now. The number of sold weapons has increased by 70.000 so far. Most new owners are female.

Surprise. Surprise. The austrian people aren’t as stupid as their govnerment wants them to be. There will be war. They know it, we know it. With the enemy inside even females arm themselves. If the state refuses to protect their people, the people themself take care of the job. Especially women fear a islamic austrian state. Stories of mass violence and gang rape in the news create fear in women and activate the protective instinct of men. There will be a day when the austrian people either force the state to protect them or start a revolution and set up a govnerment that fulfills their duties.

Another traitor confessed

Kai Gniffke,  the chief editor of the ARD, one of the major public TV channels, confessed his lies and propaganda.

Die „Tagesschau“ und die „Tagesthemen“ zeige nicht immer ein richtiges Bild der confessed nach Deutschland drängenden Flüchtlingen. Das hat „ARDaktuell”-Chefredakteur Kai Gniffke jetzt eingeräumt.

Vor Branchenexperten in Hamburg sagte Gniffke: „Wenn Kameraleute Flüchtlinge filmen, suchen sie sich Familien mit kleinen Kindern und großen Kulleraugen aus.“ Tatsache sei aber, dass „80 Prozent der Flüchtlinge junge, kräftig gebaute alleinstehende Männer sind“.

Quick translate: The chief editor of the ARD confessed that the “Tagesschau” and “Tagesthemen”  (news channel) do not show the actual picture of the refugees heading to Germany. Instead they exclusively focus on single women and families with small children. Yet 80% of the refugees are young, healthy and single males.

Right now I’m working in a “refugee” camp. From my point of view there is roughly one single women per 1000 single male and one family per 20 men.
Not even the soviet propaganda could have surpressed such obvious facts. It’s not surprising that their lies are being exposed. The confession of Mr. Kai Goebbels Gniffke doesn’t make him less guilty. The news channels lost the last bit of credibility they had left. Since most people don’t watch news for information but for emotions they will continue listening to their lies.